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If I use a word that you don't understand → left double click the word → right single click the word and click the appropriate command to search for the word.

Terms of Use

You assume all risk, liability, or damages caused by using information on this website.

YOUR ACTIONS ARE YOURS AND YOURS ALONE. The repercussions of your use of any information presented on this website is yours and yours alone. I can not, nor will I be, held responsible for your actions. You are not me. I am not you. You are not my agent; You are not my principal.

This Site Exists Because

I have actually read the written words of U.S. federal tax law and I have personal first hand knowledge that the tax laws do NOT say what most of you believe they say.

You have been lied to by those calling themselves 'government.' Once you decide to look for the evidence of 'government' lies, you will start seeing it.

If you had a 'friend' that you caught in a serious lie, wouldn't that give you pause to wonder what else this 'friend' has lied to you about? Wouldn't you revisit and question all the previous information this 'friend' has given you? Me too.

If in doing so, you find a pattern of lies and untruths, are you going to continue to think of this person as a 'friend'? Me neither.

Once I pulled on the thread of 'government' tax lies... er, laws, a whole slew of my other "beliefs" about 'government' became unraveled.

'Government' is not your friend and if you think 'government' is your friend, you are a brainwashed, indoctrinated, deluded, and thus delusional, person. And that's the nicest way I can think to opine about the idiots of the world. An idiot that I used to be.

This website is no more anti-'government' than 'government' is anti-human.

Warnings & Legal Disclaimers


"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." --Voltaire

DO NOT "BELIEVE" ANYTHING YOU READ ON THIS WEBSITE. Only fools would "believe" something without verifying it for themselves. And if you believe what tax "experts" assert without verifying it for yourself, then you are a fool.

GO LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF. That way you will have personal knowledge of the material evidence presented instead of "hearsay" and "belief".

The Verify Legal Citations page is provided to assist you in looking things up.

THIS AUTHOR AND THIS WEBSITE DO NOT ADVOCATE TAKING ANY ACTION save two. 1. Continue to pay the taxes you don't owe (if you still can after learning the truth). This will save you aggravation and worry. It will keep you out of jail so that you can do the second action. 2. Tell others about the truth you have learned. It is important that the number of people who know the truth reaches critical mass.

I am not a Lawyer. I am not a Certified Public Accountant. I am not an Enrolled Agent. I am not an IRS Officer, Agent, or Employee. Nor was I ever. Therefore: Nothing on this website is legal advice; Nothing on this website is tax advice; Nothing on this website is financial advice. By not being any of the above, I have not been brainwashed by years of working in the system.

As Upton Sinclair has been quoted:
"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

This website is First Amendment protected. If you don't like what I have published on this website, that's just too bad.

This website is Second Amendment protected. The Second Amendment follows the first for a reason.

The federal government wants you to believe that I am a terrorist. I'm one of those people who insist that the government, its officers, agents, and employees should OBEY THE LAW. Government officers, agents, and employees insist: "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." They just don't think it applies to them. It does.

For Statists and Other Censors

If you want me to change something, then you need to prove I'm wrong. I have a Discussion Forum which exists just so you can publicly present your best material evidence and logical proof to attempt to prove I'm wrong.

Since I do NOT sell "tax advice" on this site, this site can NOT be shut down on the make believe charges of "False Commercial Speech". Something done to others who made a business of charging others fees for helping those others learn the truth.

Statists are those who religiously believe in the myth of government. Statists have other unthinking religious beliefs as well.

Censors are those who believe they have a right to suppress speech they don't like.


There are a few different reasons you may want to contact me, the Admin, Owner, and Author of this website. 

You may be reporting errors such as typographical errors, broken links, and other website, webpage, or internet function errors. The severity of what you bring to my attention will determine how fast I fix the problem. I thank you in advance bringing any of these problems to my attention.

You may want to contact me to tell me I'm wrong. PLEASE DO! Your post WILL be made public and you WILL be invited to have a PUBLIC dialogue. I will register you on the forum and you can post there directly.

Be forewarned: I take positions apart, sometimes word by word, to show where the logic fails. If you post really goofy stuff, I might even devote a webpage to ridiculing your goofiness. If you can prove to me that I am wrong, I'll change this website.

You may have questions. If the question is one that would have the general interest of other visitors to this website, it will be used on an FAQ page.

Do not ask me to help you with your legal or tax problems.

This website was originally created to share what I have found from reading the United State's Tax Law. This website is being expanded to include information found by pulling on the threads of illogic presented by the criminals that call themselves government.

Send your Email to Admin[at]synapticsparks[dot]info.

Be advised that I irregularly check my email thus it might be some time before I reply.

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How I will use information collected:
I won't unless you are abusing or suspected of abusing the forum or website.

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