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Verify Legal Citations

In the Warnings & Legal Disclaimers section, I told you "Do not believe anything you read on this website" and I told you "Go look it up for yourself.

This page contains links to assist you in doing that. This page is meant to be open in its own window for use as a reference page while you read another page with claims that you might need to verify.

You can also do an internet search to find sources of lower court cases by searching for the court citations.

For example:

The following links all open in their own new windows. Again, to allow you to verify what you are reading in another page.

SCOTUS @ Library of Congress
Search for court case by citation number. Example 240 U.S. 1

USC @ Office of the Law Revision Counsel

Legal Information Institute (LII) of Cornell University Law School
Constitution @ LII Cornell
USC @ LII Cornell
CFR @ LII Cornell
SCOTUS @ LII Cornell

USC @ FindLaw
CFR @ FindLaw
SCOTUS @ FindLaw

About Justia
USC @ Justia
CFR @ Justia
SCOTUS @ Justia

CFR @ National Archives and Records Administration GPO Access CFR @ Electronic Code of Federal Regulations GPO Access

Supreme Court website (1991 and later)

About Leagle

The IRS website