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Warnings & Legal Disclaimers


"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." --Voltaire

DO NOT "BELIEVE" ANYTHING YOU READ ON THIS WEBSITE. Only fools would "believe" something without verifying it for themselves. And if you believe what tax "experts" assert without verifying it for yourself, then you are a fool.

GO LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF. That way you will have personal knowledge of the material evidence presented instead of "hearsay" and "belief". This page is provided as an aid for you to go look it up for yourself.

YOUR ACTIONS ARE YOURS AND YOURS ALONE. The repercussions of your use of any information presented on this website is yours and yours alone. I can not, nor will I be, held responsible for your actions. You are not me. I am not you. You are not my agent; You are not my principal.

THIS AUTHOR AND THIS WEBSITE DO NOT ADVOCATE TAKING ANY ACTION save two. 1. Continue to pay the taxes you don't owe (if you still can after learning the truth). This will save you aggravation and worry. It will keep you out of jail so that you can do the second action. 2. Tell others about the truth you have learned. It is important that the number of people who know the truth reaches critical mass.

I am not a Lawyer. I am not a Certified Public Accountant. I am not an Enrolled Agent. I am not an IRS Officer, Agent, or Employee. Nor was I ever. Therefore: Nothing on this website is legal advice; Nothing on this website is tax advice; Nothing on this website is financial advice. By not being any of the above, I have not been brainwashed by years of working in the system.

This website is First Amendment protected. If you don't like what I have published on this website, that's just too bad. If you want me to change something, then you need to prove I'm wrong. I have a Discussion Forum which exists just so you can publicly present your best material evidence and logical proof to attempt to prove I'm wrong.

This website is Second Amendment protected. The Second Amendment follows the first for a reason.

The federal government wants you to believe that I am a terrorist. I'm one of those people who insist that the government, its officers, agents, and employees should OBEY THE LAW. Government officers, agents, and employees insist: "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." They just don't think it applies to them. It does.