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Natural Law

Natural Law is the right to defend against attempts to enslave you or to defend against any other attempted depredations that cause you actual harm.

This is inherent in your right to life. It is your right to defend your life against any depredation attempts by using whatever level of responsive harm, or defensive harm, or responsive violence, as is required to halt the initiatory / offensive attempt to harm to you.

This right to defend oneself from any depredations by any aggressor initiating any harm, is without any regard of who the predatory attacker is. This is true if one is being preyed upon by a common criminal or by any government officer, employee, or agent.

YDOM! Only you own you. Criminals and government officers, employees, or agents DO NOT OWN YOU!

Do not let your brainwashed belief override your critical thoughts and logical thinking. Don't let society, culture, and government brainwashing convince you that you don't have a right to defend your life, liberty, property, or any other rights you have.

Locke's Natural Law was the justification for the United State's Declaration of Independence. Natural Law was also the justification for the Magna Carta. Per both these documents, any human being harmed by an alleged ruler has a Natural Law Natural Right to halt such an alleged ruler's depredations and attacks.

There are States in the Union where (politician's opinions called) laws demand you have a duty to retreat when you are attacked. Other States have politician's opinions that say you can stand your ground when you are attacked. Other politician's opinions are called Castle Doctrine and they presume to tell you you are only allowed to stand your ground when you are attacked only in your home.

Consider this: Wouldn't it be wonderful for a criminal organization if that criminal organization could make laws telling people they are not allowed to defend themselves against that organization's attacks?

Such politician's opinions called laws are an attempt to invalidate Natural Law. Such politician's opinions are meant to override your right of defense. Such politician's opinions are meant to keep you from defending yourself from government enslavement.

If government officers, employees, or agents don't want you to have use of responsive, defensive, retaliatory, and deterring harms, could it be because they are planning to harm you?

It is my right, it is your right, to defend ourselves against any harm, depredation, or enslavement, regardless of if the attacker is a common criminal or a government officer, employee, or agent. You and I do not need permission from the government nor its officers, employees, or agents to defend ourselves from attack. Neither does any animal in nature. That's why it's called Natural Law.

Humans enslaving humans IS a criminal act regardless of the idiot's claims that doing harm is not criminal unless there is a law against doing such harms.

Enslavement is a crime against humanity and a crime against the human(s) so enslaved.

King George and Adolf Hitler were Natural Law criminals. Both were "legal" government officers. Both were doing harm to humans through their subordinates obeying the orders they were given by King George and Adolf Hitler instead of telling those rulers you don't own me and you don't own those people you want me to harm! Both King George and Adolf Hitler said do what you're told or get the whip.

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26 May 2022