Fair Warning

All Officers, Employees, Agents of the State;
All other collaborators aiding and abetting the State
in its enslavement actions:

You are hereby ordered to cease and desist
your efforts to enslave your fellow humans.

Your actions are provable attempts to enslave and harm fellow humans. Your actions are provable attempts to remove the equal liberties of other humans. The evidence and facts of your attempts to violate Natural Rights are publicly viewable and thus public evidence regardless of your confused view that you are not acting to enslave other humans.

You can do the honest and moral action of ceasing to attempt to enslave or actually enslaving other humans.

Your continued violations of your fellow humans' Natural Rights will have Natural Law repercussions regardless of ANY inferior so-called "legal qualified immunities".

We fellow humans, singly or together, invoke our Natural Law RIGHTS to remedy, repair, and rectification for ANY injury to life, liberty, and property of ours, and of those of our kith and kin. This means IF repair, remedy, and rectification is NOT presented upon request for remedy, repair, and rectification to obtain satisfaction; then, we or our assigns, by ANY means of Nature's Law will be used to redeem satisfaction directly, and personally from you the injurer(s) - REGARDLESS of ANY man-made usurpation of  Nature's Law!

You are hereby APPRISED of the Natural Law repercussions for violating our Natural Rights.

You have hereby been APPRISED of Natural Law.


If you think this page is an attempt to incite violence, then you've ignored or forgotten that YDOM is the basis for liberty. Or you're a lying government agent intent on not being punished for your attacks on innocent humans.

Any human that chooses to interpret the forgoing as a call to violence, is deliberately ignoring who originally not only threatened violence, but actually used violence against other humans.

Responsive, defensive violence is justified without regard nor consideration of your erroneous beliefs.

Version 2.03
8 May 2022