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The the truth of Natural Law is that I am on the moral high ground regarding protecting me and mine from any attempts to harm me or mine. So are you.

Any contradicting claim is an attempt to negate Natural Law and eliminate the concept of protecting one's life and other Natural Rights.

Without the government(s) that the brainwashed believe they need for protection, the self-protection and self-defense duties will fall on each individual human. That means to be safe, each human will need to take steps to secure safety for themselves.

Without government to interfere with one's Natural Law Natural Rights to have tools for self-defense and self-protection on or about one's person, then one can be ready and prepared to protect one's self without fearing government agents attempting to harm or kill you for disobeying its immoral law.

This means I can choose to carry a weapon for protecting myself as the right the Second Amendment was originally intended to protect.

A holstered gun carried in public is not a threat of harm to you. Such a situation requires no action on your part to protect yourself from harm.

If you have a problem with the thought of any member of the public carrying (concealed or openly), I submit that you have been brainwashed into being an emotional, unthinking coward.

Translating the "reasoning" of a gun fearing moron, he was afraid of what I or any other armed human might or will do. I think this gun fearing moron translates and assumes, might do means will do.

If you are so afraid of armed persons being ready to defend themselves, I have no choice but to assume you intend to do harm to unarmed humans.

Regardless, If these armed humans intended to do you harm, you're carrying your own self protection tools, right?

"Who is going to protect us from warlords taking over?"

You are. You know warlords don't own you so you know you are not required to obey the warlords.

Even if the warlords controlled your public education to teach you that you don't have a right to resist their enslavement, you would know they are lying to you.

Understand that any and all government's are warlords.

My purpose with this website is to give you the mental tools, the mindset of a YDOMist, to motivate you to secure the tools of protection and security you need to defend yourself and yours from being enslaved by the warlords.

Obviously I and all the rest of the YDOMists would help you to keep the warlords from taking over and enslaving us.


Who is going to protect our liberty?

Again, You are. But only if you understand what your liberty is.

Some famous old dead guy (who did much of the writing of the Declaration of Independence) explained it best:

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

Liberty has rules. Freedom does not. 

In a YDOMist society only one rule need exist: Do No Harm. If your unfettered actions harm no one else, then you are living in liberty.

When some human presumes to tell you what you may or may not do or what you must or must not do, and your actions do no harm, then your liberty is being attacked.

You protect your liberty by simply ignoring demands and commands of slavers, warlords, and other humans who errantly believe you are their property, and telling them YDOM! You don't own me.

Carrying protective tools and being willing to use them to emphasize those words will eventually cause the statement of YDOM to be enough. The deterrence of those words will follow when it becomes common knowledge that attempts to enslave could cost the enslaver their life.

Pursuit of Happiness

Who is going to protect our right to pursue happiness?

Again, you are.

What is "Happiness"? Wouldn't the right to pursue happiness also mean the right of actually being happy?

As a YDOMist, being treated as if I am owned by some other entity is the antithesis of happy. As a YDOMist, my right to pursue happiness is my right to tell would be slavers YDOM! and GFY!

Do you really have a right to pursue happiness if some slaver threatens you with harm for not picking their cotton? A right to pursue happiness includes the right to do what ever you want to do, so long as it does no harm.

Feedback that I have assisted other humans reject being enslaved and understand what the concept of YDOM means, makes me happy.

The Declaration of Independence states:

The purpose of government is to protect
the rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness...

The history of the U.S. government shows it unequivocally and provably violates its reason for existing. I have examined the U.S. government's violation of its purpose in detail elsewhere on this website.

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2 June 2022