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Alas, not At Last. Alas! The world's tribulation is my tribulation.

Well, I did tell you that publication would be erratic.

Real life placed some exorbitant claims on my attention and time. Those have decreased sufficiently that I may now direct my attention back to what is happening at the larger level than my aging Boomer butt.

So I went through my emails. My emotional response was... Not good for my mental health, to put it lightly. And I have not yet looked at Fecalbook.

Exasperation, anger bordering closely on rage with thoughts of how do I get the tyrants and their collaborators... Uh, eliminated under Natural Law... And by eliminated I wasn't thinking spacial relocation from where they are doing damage and harm.

Sadness bordering on depression because of how many broken, stupid, walking turd-sticks are the unknowing collaborators to the tyrants.

The Prussian Method of Schooling. If you don't know what it is, GET A FUCKING CLUE! CLICK THE LINK! It opens in a new window/tab. I want you to learn why you have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into being a walking turd-stick.

My sinful flaw is for whatever reason, I am compelled to think logically and to dig for truth. Those who, for whatever reason, are compelled to think emotionally and shun truth do not like me. Hate me even. Especially when I point out their logical flaws in their thinking and the non-reality of their beliefs. This makes me a capital "S" Sinner in their paradigm of belief.

You turd-sticks want your fellow turd-sticks enslaved. You're too stupid to see that you are enslaving yourself as well.

As my disturbed emotional state subsides, my logical, analytical brain starts chewing on the problem at hand to be repaired; How do I break the turd-sticks out of their trances?

I know that I am but one of a growing cadre of humans who are attempting to teach others to embrace liberty. So I know that I am only adding to the available literature pushing for liberty.

If you are one of the non-walking turd-sticks, please share my website: synapaticsparks dot info. Change the dot to . and remove the two spaces. Fecalbook is for slavery because it sure is NOT for liberty of discussion. It censors my web site link.

Frustration and Exasperation

Mr. Champion is the author of the book INCOME TAX: SHATTERING THE MYTHS. I have been aware of Mr. Champion's research into the tax law for a decade and a half. I also presently own the book listed. Plus my own decade of reading the tax laws myself. Which is also why I have had my website for 15 years.

This copy-paste of myself and a real-world friend has been abridged for clarity of the topic I intend to present. This friend has not been identified. He shall remain anonymous.

My friend's comments are in red. Mine from the discussion are in blue. My comments on the text presented are in black.

I find it hard to believe Mr Champion has any compelling evidence of substantial tax issues.

Belief is meaningless without facts to support the belief. If you believe you can fly, go launch yourself from the top of a 100 foot structure. If you survive you will have learned this lesson.

If he really had anything beneficial everyone would be all over it.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. ~ Upton Sinclair ~

Also they don't want to understand it when they are so afraid of the IRS that they won't look at the evidence.

Several lawyers I've had discussion with were and are afraid of the IRS. I went to two lawyers to get their opinions on whether Larken Rose's Taxable Income Report was BS or had substance. Those lawyers refused to even read the report.

The sales of a book of ability would soon be a moot point, the sales would cease, because every accountant, lawyer and money manager would have eaten that up.

Your comment is incorrect. Because those three classes of professionals would be out of jobs.

Just my opinion. Champion may have some points, but unlikely substantive.

This is not the first time, nor the only topic I have had opinions spewed at me by ignorant people. And I specifically mean ignorant; not nescient.

Quoting SCOTUS:
Lord Camden says: "If it is law, it will be found in our books; if it is not to be found there, it is not law.

Boyd v. United States, 116 U.S. 616, 627 (1886)

Show me the law. Unless you can do that, you have nothing to say about the law.

One can beat the IRS on occasion. But the vast majority lose. You can roll the wheel if you wish. But for my self I do not buy into it.

Second request: Show me the law.

I have no idea it that law exists. But it’s quite strange they continue to get voluntarily tax payers by the many tens of millions year after year!

He, like many others I've interacted with, don't know what they don't know. And my frustration is that they don't want to know. I guess ignorance is bliss like the adage claims.

Third inquiry. Show me the law.
If you can not, then what does this failure to produce this alleged tax law say about your beliefs regarding tax law.

Something to think on...: an answer to a later pop quiz: What am I actually asking of you?

If you/they say there’s a certain law that does not exist. Okay
I say many millions pay taxes year in, year out.

And I say, millions pay taxes year after year because they don't know what the tax laws actually are.

I'm sure you've heard some version of this adage in your life: "If All of Your Friends Jumped Off a Cliff, Would You Jump Too?"

I chose not to waste my time chasing that idea.

How about this idea in stead: Read the fucking tax law so you can know instead of believe?

They would lock my brokerage account, my savings and checking accounts.

Unlawfully and illegally because the IRS peons don't know the law, just like you.

You have tax liabilities whether you file or not.

Please show me the law that creates this alleged tax liability?

Since I can not show you a law that doesn't exist, your claim that it does puts the burden of proof on you.

I am asking, do you wish to believe the truth or believe a lie?

I’ll believe the lie. If that is what you wish to call it.

16 August 2022