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YDOM is a statement of the fact that You Don't Own Me.

YDOM; You don't own me; No human in government owns any other human; The artificial entity called government owns no human;

Thus no human calling themselves an Officer, Agent, or Employee of government has any right to rule, moral or otherwise.

Embrace that you own you; embrace that nobody else owns you; embrace YDOM! or continue to be told, "Pick cotton or get the whip."

YDOM! is your mind's armor against those who would attempt to rob you of your life, liberty, property or any of your other rights. However, YDOM is useless if you are a coward.

YDOM is true whether you are saying it to me, to your neighbor, or to any Officers, Agents, or Employees of government.

For those having a hard time accepting this truth, I ask, Why do you believe another human has a right to own you? Why do you believe another human has a higher claim on your life, liberty, property or any of your rights than you do?

Brainwashed belief often overrides critical thought and logical thinking. How were you convinced that you don't own you; that somebody else owns you?

If "All humans have equal rights." then no human has rights that are higher than any other human's rights. You don't own me dovetails with this truth exactly.

Frederick Douglass, an articulate black man, an elegant thinker, and an actual former slave, has written:

I have found that, to make a contented slave, it is necessary to make a thoughtless one. It is necessary to darken moral and mental vision, and, as far as possible, to annihilate the power of reason. He must be able to detect no inconsistencies in slavery; he must be made to feel that slavery is right...

How then, was your moral and mental vision darkened? How were you made to feel that your enslavement is right?

Might this have started with conditioning you to only use a toilet on the school's schedule, or to get special permission from an instructor to use the toilet during unapproved times? Is this not a government claim, via your grade school teacher (a government employee) that government owns your urinary bladder and your large intestine and you are only allowed to evacuate them with government permission? Would this not be a perfect way to start training a human to be a slave?

Do you find no inconsistency in the government denying you permission to do the bodily functions of life in the Land of Liberty unless it's on the government's terms? Does this sound reasonable to you?

Were you also taught that you have a right to vote; that you have a right to choose "A" leader?

The difference between Leaders and Rulers should be obvious. Did your educators forget to point out that you are expected to obey this elected alleged leader or be punished for not obeying?

I submit you have been blinded to the fact that actual leaders don't need men with guns to make you follow and obey their commands.

Would a true leader have you locked in a cage if you don't give this alleged leader the money demanded?

If you have a right to choose "your" leader, no vote is required. You simply follow, learn from, and mimic your chosen leader. If your leader is moral and just, wouldn't you also, as a follower of this leader, attempt to be moral and just?

Was Adolf Hitler's actions and commands the actions of a moral and just leader, or an immoral and unjust ruler?

Since no other human owns me; since no other human has a right to rule me; no voter owns me or has a right to rule me; their votes can NOT give a right to rule me to anybody else.

Version 1.03
14 April 2022