Synaptic Sparks

Your Cowardice

Your cowardice is what makes you a slave. Your fear of printing the Fair Notice and following up as required against Natural Rights usurpers or their collaborators is what keeps you enslaved. The slavery ends when the slaves stop complying.

Standing up to bullies is scary. Not standing up to bullies is scarier. The bullies' demands will only increase if you keep complying with their demands.

Like you, I fear standing up to bullies. Unlike you, I am going to stand up to the bullies... Because: It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

Either way, on your feet or in your grave, the bullies have been given notice that the victims will not be easily controlled; the bullies are given notice that ruling others will not be without cost. The more people who adopt YDOMism as their creed, the more cost the bullies will pay for attempting to harm other humans.

This website is my ongoing standing up to bullies and denying they have any right to rule any other human. This is also my standing up to collaborators that support bullies doing their bullying.

What About?

The "what abouts" you use to attempt to deny the need to eliminate government are NOT valid reasons to keep government. These "what abouts" are fear driven. People want to know what is going to protect them from the things they fear if the "government" they erroneously believe protects them goes the way of slavery.

I do not claim your "what abouts"are not valid questions, only that you have failed to understand that self-protection and self-defense both start with "self".

You do not understand that you are your own first line of your own defense because you are the first defender of yourself on the scene of an attack. "Government" has worked very hard to keep you from knowing this.

Without government and its alleged protection, what are YOU going to personally do to protect yourself and yours from death, injury, property damage, property loss, enslavement, and denial of other human rights when government no longer exists?

Feeling safe from bullies and other attackers and actually being safe from bullies and other attackers is not the same. You need to grow up and realize you don't have a nanny to protect you.

Since YDOM means you don't own me, and I don't own you, I'll not be telling you what to do to protect yourself and yours from the bad people in the world.

What I will do is present my YDOMist thoughts and reasoning on how I will protect me and mine.

Version 1.00
1 May 2022